Monday, March 29, 2010

Apparel Manufacturing Software

Apparel manufacturing software enable apparel manufacturers to mass-produce and deliver high quality garments, as soon as, specific orders are received. The software also facilitates substantial cost reduction in inventory and also in the manufacturing process.

Specialized developers can provide programs for controlling automatic cutting machinery, plotting devices and other CAM devices used in apparel manufacturing. Software is available to apparel manufacturers for controlling Computer Aided Design (popularly known as ?CAD?) systems for sewn products. Software is also available for activities such as pattern designing, marker making, matching of striped, railroad, plaid and flow-matched fabrics.

To create and maintain a competitive edge on competitors, it is vital to efficiently manage capital as well as human resources. Within the organization, various divisions and remote manufacturing facilities have to work in sync with up-to-date accurate information regarding order status, raw materials status, and inventory. This enables apparel manufacturers to make good decisions and reduce costs. Proprietary software solution providers devise software programs for apparel and garment manufacturing, fashion and textile production, which help in accelerating their business and maximizing their profits.

Special software programs can help the apparel manufacturers to manage orders and style information, create costing, and calculate material requirement.

Software is also available to efficiently manage all procurement processes and track delivery of input materials. It is also possible to contact all the suppliers on-line, and inter-connect all onsite and offsite warehouses, to optimize inventory management.

In addition many general software programs are available to apparel manufacturers, such as those for planning and monitoring production at all manufacturing units to ensure maximum utilization of capacity, identify production bottleneck and react in time. Efficient management of all the sub-contractors by collaborating with them on-line, is important, to monitor production of orders, to ensure smooth delivery. Business Management software facilitates management reporting at the regional level, to supervise macro and micro level details of information. This helps to increase functional accountability through the entire organization.


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Apparel Manufacturing Software

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