Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Best Web Hosting is a Package That Can Grow Your Business

Finding the best web hosting company and web hosting package to meet the unique current and future needs of your business can be challenging.

It is an undisputable fact that there are so many companies offering such a variety of web hosting packages today that evaluating your options can be truly overwhelming. Many people think that choosing a web hosting package isn't a big deal and they don't give the decision the consideration that it deserves. The truth of the matter is when you are in business and you rely on your website to generate revenue, your web host can make or break your business, so choosing the best web hosting possible is truly critical.

While the needs of your business starting out may be minimal, you never know what the future holds. Undoubtedly, the demands you place on your web host will increase over time as you add more features to your website and as you strive to automate processes that will ultimately save you both time and money. Because the needs of your internet based business will change, the best web hosting company is one that has the capability of expanding the services they provide to you as your company grows and your website evolves.

Some of the most crucial factors to consider when searching for a web host are:

1. Reliability

2. Space

3. Expandability

4. Security

5. Speed

6. Control

7. Reports

8. Unrestricted email services

9. Offsite backups

10. Superb technical support

Reliability is paramount because for a website operator, downtime means lost revenue. Having a website that is down is like having a storefront that is closed. If you are not open for business, you lose business and relatively you lose money. The best web hosting provider will be able to demonstrate and guaranty 99.9% to 100% uptime. Another consideration in terms of reliability is the number of years that the web hosting company has been in business and their track record.

Honestly, all a web host really needs to get started in business is a server and an internet connection. Thus, there are literally thousands launching web hosting businesses that haven't a clue what reliable web hosting entails. If your web host is not experienced and established, they may be here today and gone tomorrow and when they go, generally your website and everything associated with it is gone with them.

A web hosting package should allow adequate space for the content you will have now and in the future. It should be expandable as your business grows with the capability of providing unrestricted CGI access, SSH and FTP access as well as added features such as databases, scripts and software that supports things like shopping carts, ecommerce solutions, merchant accounts, and real-time processing. If you will use FrontPage extensions, Real Audio, Real Video, Shockwave, Java or similar tools, make sure that your web host supports them.

It is best if your web hosting company has secure server capabilities and can offer dedicated servers with speed that is at least equivalent to a T3 connection to ensure your pages load quickly and your customers' transactions are secure. It is also important for your web hosting package to provide you with complete control over your website through an online administrative control panel. You should have unrestricted email services with the capability of setting up aliases and auto-responders along with easy access to reports and statistics concerning your website, its visitors and its activity.

The very best web hosting companies also maintain offsite back-ups of your data and information that is stored on their servers to ensure that nothing is lost if they experience a catastrophe or a natural disaster. Last but not least, your web host should provide superb technical support that is knowledgeable, reliable, and perhaps most important, available when you need them


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