Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Register Domain Name - Domain Name Pricing Scams Revealed

Do you want to register domain name? Do you want to avoid being scammed in register domain name process? Have you ever thought of there are scams in register domain name process? There are so that's why you should read this full article and avoid getting scammed by some one no matter what type of register domain name it is.

So pricing scam in register domain name process works like this. You will get letters or mails saying that they want just $1000(a big amount) to register domain name. Unfortunately, some innocent people may accept it because they don't know the register domain name process. As you can see clearly, this is a complete rip-off. In compensation this high price for register domain name they will say they provide additional services in addition to register domain name service, So that's why cost this much. Some will ask for money and once paid they are gone.

So what how much will it cost to register domain name? It probably cost you between $15 and $75 (plus a fee to InterNIC). Anything more is can be called as register domain name scam.
Register domain name process - two types of fees:

1. A fee to InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center) -- the group in charge of assigning domain names

2. A fee to the company doing the register domain name for you.

It is now possible to use the Web to find out whether or not the domain name you'd like to register is available using WhoIs search. You can do a free WhoIs search on below web site and web site URL is given below at the end of the article.

The process of register domain name:

• Selecting a domain name to register

• Finding out if this going to register domain name is currently available

• Selecting an ISP who will host the domain

• Filling out the appropriate form to request the register domain name (done by you or the ISP)

• Submitting this form to InterNIC (done by the ISP)

So then how much will it cost to register domain name? This means that you will pay a total of $115 to $175 (including the $100 to InterNIC) to register domain name. Yes of course you may be able to do it less than this amount.


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