Monday, March 29, 2010

Small Business Inventory Software - The Wisest Investment You'll Ever Make

Small business inventory software improves productivity by allowing business owners to keep track of all goods and items. Inventory is one of your business's most critical assets, and properly managing that inventory enables you to serve your customers while also staying nimble, and not keeping too much of your cash tied up. Managing inventory can be a laborious task, but there are many affordable solutions.

Running a small business is never an easy task. According to statistics, the majority of new small business end up bankrupt and the main reason for this failure is attributed to poor record keeping, which results in out-of-stock merchandise, wrong invoicing and lost opportunities. If you don't want this to happen to you, then you should consider investing in small business inventory software. It just might be the best investment you make within your business.

Just because it is a small business this does not mean the software has an easy task. Inventory control is more than just tracking stock levels. Small Business Inventory Software is a solution that tracks your merchandise from its purchase order to the supplier and all the way to invoicing and receiving payment from your customers.

A big advantage of running this type of software in your business is that it works directly with bar codes and serial numbers of every item that you have in stock. This means it's easier to enter new items, as you can just scan them and the software will add the description of the product and it's bar code in a database. There could also be a function showing you exactly what you can assemble with the items that are in stock and which items might limit the building process.

If you only have limited funds, then you could try working with MS Excel. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 can help you track the bottom line and generate reports. With Excel 2007, you can manipulate data, but you'll have to enter everything by hand - which can lead to mistakes.

It uses a familiar Explorer-like interface for navigation between Vendors, Items, and Customers. SBIC allows you to create invoices, purchase orders, packing slips and ships with 20 standard inventory and sales related Reports that are only a click away. SBIC inventory databases are based on a Microsoft Access database and can be shared on a server to allow for multi-user access.

However, there are plenty of very good inventory control and tracking options available and small business software can be found for around $250. This should be able to handle everything you throw at it unless you have very specific tasks to perform in which case you may want to consider a customised option.


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