Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Are the Key Benefits of Linux Hosting?

Generally the two most popular hosting platforms are Windows and Linux. This refers to the data and files which need to be written in that special program and language specifically designed for that specific platform in order for the rest of its computer software and applications to work.

The demand for Linux web hosting had increased significantly due to its remarkable benefits as cited below;

a. Security - At the top of its list is the security features and control that we can be confident of from the Linux web hosting. National Security Agency ( NSA ) had just released the "Secure Linux" which had been designed to protect against very high skillful attack. Linux is one of the best hosting solution which is least prone to security issues and treats. Every new releases of Linux are designed with their best security features in plan. One of the key objectives of Linux is to become the world's best web hosting platform especially for the security aspect of it.

b. Robust performance and reliable support: With Linux Hosting, their customers can be well assured of the quality of their technical support and customer service which are available 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted service to their customers all year long. As Linux integrates well with most of the hardware and tools, Linux had an array of hardware equipments which are configured to be used as backup during these emergencies.

c. Great stability and durability: Linux can run for years without much down-time, as compared to Windows. In terms of life-span and stability, Linux is definitely the champion among its competitors.

d. Ease of Administration: Another obvious benefit of Linux web hosting is that it is easy to be administered. A Linux server can be easily controlled and managed remotely across multiple regions with the use of the internet or a phone line. This is a great saving in cost as no additional complicated tools or software are required to be setup for the administration needs of a Linux web hosting.

e. Customization: Linux is highly modular for it is very easy to be modified for customization. It can be configured and setup basically with almost everything. With Linux hosting, the users have great level of flexibility to change the source code of the Linux hosting to provide the best optimum solution and results.

f. Cost: Linux software and application are completely free of charge. Developers are able to utilize and modified Linux applications and software as per how they wish to. This is a great benefit against Windows because Linux Developers can obtain the complete suite of Linux server software for further development and enhancement without the need to pay any high charges for it. Perhaps the main reason why Linux had become the favourite of most web-users especially those who are savvy in computer systems and applications is because of its ease of customizations.


Anonymous said...

One of the key objectives of Linux is to become the world's best web hosting platform especially for the security aspect of it. hosting service

mathanthas m said...

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