Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dedicated Web Hosting Servers - 4 Things to Look For

Once you make the choice to go from having your website hosted on a shared server to a dedicated server, it might be a little too much for you to decide which dedicated server to go with. Follow the following tips to learn which dedicated server is right for you.

1. Reliability - There is nothing more annoying, when you are making your living through the internet, than having a server that is down. Down time is money lost, and it is for this reason that I think reliability should be the top priority, when trying to decide which dedicated web hosting server is the best.

2. Consistent equipment updates and upgrades- In the ever-changing world of online services, it is ultra-imperative for you to go with a dedicated web hosting server that keeps up-to-date with those changes. It can be pretty frustrating to find out about the latest web hosting innovations and learn that your host is not updated with the times.

3. Customer Service - Customer service is also one of the most important elements of a quality dedicated web hosting server. You will find, if you do a bit of research online, that most web hosting companies offer dedicated hosting. However, a lot of these companies offer the hosting at rates that many are duped into believing as a great deal. The only reason these companies can offer these deals is because they cut corners in other areas. Most often the customer service is what suffers the most. You may be tempted to go for the low prices, but you must avoid sacrificing the all-important aspect of customer service.
If anything happens to the server, you will be in need of answers, and you need to be confident that someone will be available to provide them to you. Quality customer service is yet another hallmark of the best dedicated web hosting servers.

4. Bandwidth - Bandwidth is what allows customers to visit your site. When you begin to grow in size, you will naturally want to increase bandwidth, and stop sharing your space with other companies. This is also a very important aspect of a great dedicated web hosting server.

When your goal is to make money using the internet, as long as you are taking advantage of the best dedicated web hosting server, then the sky will be the limit for your earning potential.


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